KGC Infotech Pvt. Ltd: Rendering End-to-end Marketing and Sales Solution

CIO Vendor With the changing market dynamics, there has also been a constant change in customer’s demands across services and products. Couple that with the increasing competition among the players in the current world of business, robust technology driven CRM software are not just an add on benefit, but in fact, it is the current necessity of the hour for businesses across industries to stay relevant in the market and bring in efficiency and productivity in their sales and marketing operations.

Perfectly understanding its clients business, KGC Infotech established of 2011 is one of the leading providers in CRM platform, globally. The company’s CRM product called XoomSales is a marketing and sales execution platform which comes with fully loaded features and benefits to deliver businesses an end-to-end sales & marketing solution. The company brings forth best of modern management practices and state of the art technology which improves performance in terms of cost, speed and accuracy. XoomSales is a full stack CRM offering which provides Sales Execution & Sales Reports, IVR Conferencing, Predictive Lead Scoring, Ads Management, Live Sales tracking, Lead Management & Distribution, Lead Capture & automation, and Analytics, among others. Furthermore, it can easily be integrated, and similarly modular and scalable as well.

Delivering a Feature-rich CRM Platform
As XoomSales is completely technology driven, it completely automates every operations for smarter data driven decisions. Business can significantly grow and broaden its reach through this platform; to name a few, from increasing daily productivity, to connecting multiple leads and companies, to increasing performance & better employee happiness, to gaining access right from one’s palm, to saving money and significantly improving sales engagement. They also believe in helping their clients to understand more about sales process with the use of various technologies. This platform has a proven track record and is being used by many organizations that are more than happy with the dedicated and proactive
support. Moreover, this platform provides real time information from various departments online for data driven decision making for administrators/management. They can completely control resources and tools to ensure optimum utilization of resources. XoomSales also has a user-friendly application to support its users. It provides a seamless experience with faster loading dashboard, and app content. Moreover, it has built-in push notification and update enabled with easy synchronization of data from base computer to every mobile app.

Our main focus has been on aiding clients in bringing operational efficiency by focusing on core competency which will significantly lower risks and similarly improve ROI for businesses

Assuring High Availability and Security
As security and availability are two of the most crucial parameters for any business, XoomSales ensures high availability and effective security. However, if one zone becomes unavailable, Auto Scaling can launch instances in another one to compensate; ensuring no degradation in user experience. It also provides Multi Tier Disaster Recovery and Backup Policy with real time monitoring and logging for alerts and notifications to overcome critical events. Furthermore, XoomSales also ensures zero downtime through high redundancy.

The company is not only limited to CRM but also provides best-instandard products including Payment Gateway, POS Terminal, Retail Software, School ERP, HR & Payroll, Enrolments, and Online Assessment. “Our main focus has been on aiding clients in bringing operational efficiency by focusing on core competency which will significantly lower risks and similarly improve ROI for businesses,” concludes Vikas Kumar, CoFounder, KGC Infotech Pvt. Ltd.