Archiz Solutions :: Delivering Easy to use, CostEffective, Customizable SaaS based CRM Solution

CIO Vendor Customer satisfaction is the key to running a successful business and CRM software helps in achieving this. As each industry has specific requirements, businesses are looking for Industry specific CRM solutions that can be customized accordingly. In most cases, industry specific CRM provides out of the box solutions, which dramatically reduces the project time and cost.

The main objective of implementing Industry specific CRM is that businesses should spend less time designing and configuring workflows, user roles and access reports, dashboards and training. Another major advantage is that the vendors who provide such solutions will have detailed information and understanding regarding the industries and can hence provide the exact CRM solution. This makes for a better solution and better support after the solution is deployed. Hence, there is a growing demand for industry specific CRM software.

Noida headquartered Archiz provides Industry Specific CRM software solutions that are designed for every industry’s specific and distinctive needs. These solutions are not only industry specific but are also customizable.

Archiz has designed and developed CRM software specifically for various industries such as NGOs, Retail, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Hotel, Healthcare, Education, E-commerce, BPO and Automobile industries.

Customize Your Customer Experiences
Information that you decide to publish such as orders, pricing, delivery schedules, and delivery processes in your CRM Solution can populate the customer portal. This automatic importing of data into all of your systems prohibits valuable information from getting lost in the shuffle! Say goodbye to manual data entry for new and existing customers!

“Archiz has designed and developed CRM software specifi cally for various industries such as NGOs, Retail, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Hotel, Healthcare, Education, E-commerce, BPO and Automobile industries”

Tailor Sales and Marketing Processes
With an integrated customer portal, you’ll be able to better segment and target your customers for sales and marketing. Integration with CRM can suggest cross-sell or up-sell items based on customer buying behaviour. Customers eligible for reward programs can be automatically notified when they qualify for a reward based on the information obtained through the portal.

Increase Customer Engagement
As customers come to appreciate this streamlined customer experience, they will naturally engage with your brand. The portal provides you with excellent ways to facilitate this engagement, giving customers an exclusive “in” with your company and a customized profile to operate from. Customer engagement and the creation of a strong brand community can make a significant impact on your sales revenue in today's connected, digital economy.

Finding a correct CRM Development Partner ensures the success of a CRM project. Hence, businesses should select partners who can meet all the CRM requirements such as consulting, development, optimization, integration and maintenance. Apart from providing industry specific and customizable CRMs, Archiz also provides free consultation for customers to choose the best CRM as per their business requirements. Archiz is currently in the process of generating substantial leads through its marketing efforts. The company’s industry wise solutions are helping its customers grow their businesses further.